Panoramic X-ray

A panoramic X-ray, which is also known as an orthopantomogram, panorex or Dental Panoramic Radiograph, scans both the upper and the lower jaw to provide a more comprehensive picture of the patient’s anatomy.

Advantages of a Panoramic X-Ray

A panoramic X-ray has many advantages over other X-ray procedures, as it subjects patients to a reduced radiation dose, requires less time and offers broader coverage of the patient’s facial bones and teeth.

Panoramic film is contained in a machine that moves around the patient's head, unlike other X-ray procedures where the film is placed inside the patient's mouth, benefiting patients who cannot open their mouth, who are experiencing intense pain or who have recently suffered trauma to the face or teeth. Panoramic X-rays provide a two-dimensional view of the patient’s jaw from ear to ear that can reveal deep cavities and fissures, as well as gum disease. It is especially useful for identifying jaw joint problems and is also good for those who require removable dentures, dental implants or dental braces.

Numbered temple supports also facilitate the accurate measurement of skull density for proper kVp settings.

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