Around 50%-70% compared to the costs in the EU and UK.

  • Treatment is provided in Izmir, Turkey, where property costs are lower and dentist salary levels are more competitive than in the UK or Europe, all of which translates into bigger savings for our patients. But just because dental salaries are more competitive in Turkey doesn’t mean that our dental specialists don’t rival their UK, EU or US counterparts in terms of quality and performance.
  • We are a large practice, so we buy dental equipment and supplies in large amounts. Dental product suppliers are happy to give us discounts that we can then forward on to our patients.
  • We purchase only the best in terms of dental equipment, but we don't shell out on unnecessary frills. That’s why you won't find talking dental chairs and Persian rugs in our centre, but you will find a high-tech, modern and comfortable environment.
  • We don't spend big sums on unnecessary marketing. Most of our clients find us by word-of-mouth or through agents.
  • We mean to be green. We do our best to be sustainable, not just environmentally, but also economically and socially.

Let’s take a typical case. Let’s say your dentist in the US tells you that you need 12 crowns or units of bridgework at 800 dollars per unit. That’s a whopping 9,600 dollars. But at the DENTAGLOBAL Clinic in Izmir, that would cost just 3,000 dollars. If you add even 10% to that cover any unforeseen extras, that would still total just 3,300 dollars. Anyway you cut it, that represents huge savings of over 6,300 dollars on the American price.

For patients in the UK, the story is the same; 12 crowns or units of bridgework is likely to cost £5400 at 450 pounds per unit or even more. At DENTAGLOBAL, the same treatment, including an enjoyable stay in Izmir, would cost just 2,400 pounds. If you again add 10% to cover any contingencies, that would only come to 2,640 pounds, representing huge savings of over 2,700 pounds.

You can pay in cash in US dollars ($), Euros (€), British pounds (GBP), Turkish Liras (TL) or by any major credit card such as Visa or MasterCard. DENTAGLOBAL does not charge any commission for transactions by credit card.

Usually for a week. Some treatments may require more time, in which case the patient may be advised to stay for roughly 10 days. Treatments that might require extra time include fixed-detachable case and implant construction (including a second operation and construction), but this is usually only necessary for additional treatment in Turkey. One week is normally more than enough for most crown and bridge work. Implants require an eight- or nine-day stay (if stitches are removed in Izmir), with a return visit lasting around six days after about four to six months.

1 week is a pretty enough time if treatments planned and performed by expert hands. Barring any complications, our expert dentists can complete full set crowns/veneers, implants and some fillings. Such treatment, however, also depends on the amount of inflammation in the mouth cavity and how the patient reacts to treatment. Patients will receive a treatment plan after their first consultation with the dentist.

Note: In the event that a tooth is extracted but extra work is still required, additional treatment will only be conducted after sufficient recovery time for the patient.

Our assistants speak several languages, including English,French, Dutch and German. If you need translators, our authorised translators will assist you.

We provide a written guarantee for inlays, crowns, bridges (3 years), full and partial dentures (2 years), fixed-detachable case and implants (10 years/ Lifetime), fillings (1 year). Naturally, the guarantee is only valid at DENTAGLOBAL and if the work is conducted there in the form of an annual check-up. Please click the Guarantee link for more information.

DENTAGLOBAL in Turkey uses the same materials as in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, the USA and other highly developed countries. Please click the Brands link to see some of the brands that we use in our clinic.

The most frequent metal allergies occur from nickel and palladium. However, these two metals have not been used in dental treatments for the past seven years. However, if you are allergic to other metals, please inform your dentist. The most common alternative is bio-gold (BIOCCLUS 4 by Degussa, Germany).

BIOCCLUS 4 includes 85.8% gold (Au), 0.5% zinc (Zn), 11.0% platinum (Pt), 0.3% tantalum (Ta), 1.7% indium (In) and 0.7% rhodium (Rh).

Yes. The Clean-Up-System, which is common in Europe and the US, is used at our clinic in Turkey as it is the most effective method on the market. After the removal of the amalgam filling, there are various treatment options available: depending on the size of the cavity, a new light-hardened filling, inlay or crown can be made.

In such a case, golden crowns with a porcelain cover are the most logical solution. We use BIOCCLUS 4-gold-alloy by Degussa.

We recommend that you seek the advice of an insurance agent regarding all travel risks.

Not necessarily. Still, depending on your type of illness, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to request a letter stating your medical condition before embarking upon dental treatment with us. It is crucial that our dentists are informed about any illnesses, medication and other relevant details as soon as possible, so that we can offer you the safest and most suitable treatment.

Airport Transfers:
DENTAGLOBAL will provide you with a complimentary chauffeur and car for your transfers to the hotel from the airport in Izmir. Your driver will meet you upon your arrival after you clear customs.

A valid passport and visa is required. Before travelling, you can quickly apply and receive a Turkish e-visa online here.

Electrical Voltage: 220 V/50 Hz

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.