Dental Tourism

Meeting and Sharing Information

Fill out the form and share what you want to do with us. It will be multipurpose to share your current x-ray film so that we can prepare a healthy treatment plan for you. We can help with your X-ray film with our contracted Clinics and Imaging Centers in the Netherlands, UK, France and Germany, where she may wish.

Treatment Planning and Proposal

The treatment is planned for you within 48 hours after you send the form to us and we will share with you how long it will take and how much your property will be.

Treatment Process

At DENTAGLOBAL, we carry out your planned treatments and make your final checks before you leave our city. 

Routine Control, Care and Post-Treatment Support

You should have your routine checks and oral care every 6 months. It may be possible to eliminate minor problems that may occur with your routine controls and treatments to the extent desired by your contracted Clinics and Physicians in the Netherlands, England, France and Germany.