Laser Dentistry

The use of lasers in dentistry offers patients the chance to enjoy treatment without pain, bleeding and anaesthesia. Lasers can also help clean decayed tissue in the teeth, treat gingival infections, conduct cyst operations and offer any other kind of oral treatment.

Laser dentistry makes a trip to the dentist’s far less stress-inducing for patients of any age by shortening the treatment time and guaranteeing more success with less toil.

The biggest advantage of laser dentistry is that lasers do not make disturbing noises or cause vibration while operating, thus ensuring the patient does not feel fear or pain. Additionally, the use of lasers does not require an injection as no anaesthesia is required; lasers also cause less bleeding in gingival and cyst operations, offer quicker healing times by creating a sterile environment in the affected area thanks to the use of laser light, and leave no sensitivity or pain following treatment.

Any treatment in dentistry related to soft and hard tissues in the mouth can be conducted using lasers. Lasers can also be used for cleaning and removing decayed tissue in the teeth and to bleach teeth. In teeth-bleaching, a certain amount of gel is used, but unlike teeth-bleaching conducted using chemical materials, a special high-energy light beam with a light source consisting of a series of LEDs or a diode-laser is applied. The procedure must always be performed under the supervision of a dentist. In laser-bleaching operations, a better solution is possible at short notice. For patients who suffer from excessive hyperpigmentation on their gums due to their genetic makeup, three or four laser peeling sessions can eliminate the problem. Our centre uses biolase technology in procedures requiring lasers.

Lasers are used in the following applications:

  • Removal of bone during the extraction of teeth embedded in the bone;
  • Cleaning of cysts at the root apex;
  • Root canal therapy and sterilisation;
  • Treatment of gingival infections,
  • Extension of tooth length by cutting gums for aesthetic and cosmetic reasons;
  • Lip and tongue tie cuts,
  • Breaking of salivary stones,
  • Treatment of oral aphthae and ulcers;
  • Dental desensitisation;
  • Removal of black pigmentation stemming from hyperpigmentation in the gums.

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