My experience so far – Chantal M. Belfast IRELAND

My experience so far – Chantal M. Belfast IRELAND

My experience so far


A big applaud to Dentaglobal from their medical skills to their local organisation during my stay (taxi, hotel) and the brilliant job of super organised and efficient Nuray.


I would strongly suggest to provide the person going for the first time in Izmir for their dental treatment, the telephone number of Nuray and the hotel. The tel number of the clinic was on the first quote you sent me. I flew Belfast Lyon, Istanbul, Izmir and France was on strike for a change, so I missed my connection and I found myself in Istanbul airport with the tel number of the clinic which did not answer as it was closed at that time of the night. Fortunately for me everything went well as a young man helped me by finding the hotel number – at least I knew the name of the hotel, and he was willing to drive me there. He also allowed me to connect my mobile on his internet provider in order to send you a whatsapp message. WIFI is free in the airport, but you need to speak turkish to connect  …  Anyway, the SMART hotel phoned Nuray who phoned back this young man and in no time everything was organised. I had a very lucky escape, but it was stupid of me to start travelling without these info. Delay with planes are very common, not a rare event.


No pain during and after surgery, a bit swollen the day after and during my trip back I was getting some strong colours on my cheeks which did not really fit my make-up. The British air hostess in the Lyon flight was so concerned, she offered me ice (pain killer too which I refused as I wasn’t in pain). I will ask Nuray which anesthetic they used. At home when my cheek starts to wake up after a local anaesthesia, the feeling is horrible I could  scratch my face with my nails. In Turkey nothing at all, did not feel anything.

Chantal M.


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